Be it your work or gym buddies, your child hood friends, or simply the gang you met last weekend while out on the town… round them up and create a team for the next DWC. While we encourage people to enter D.W.C as a team, it is not compulsory, you may also enter as an individual. There will be certain obstacles where it will be beneficial to be part of a team, but for those who are not in one there will always be plenty of warrior support on offer from fellow warriors and the Warrior Support Team.

Here is some quick information about teams in D.W.C

Team sizes



All team members must register for the same event

Team names

Any name you wish to use, however keep it fun and respectful of the local culture

Wave times

Team members should register for the same Wave - see FAQ for more information

Team prices

Each member of the team will pay for their individual entry fee

Don't forget to theme your team

Special Notice!!


Here are the steps to follow:

  • Get a group of 8 friends together
  • Follow the steps below for ‘Team formation’
  • Once you have 7 people entered and are ready for the 8th to join, simply email us at and we will provide you with a personalized promotional code to use during online registration that will give your 8th team member FREE entry!!
  • Refunds will not be issued if you forget to email however you will be able to use the code for an additional team member. 
  • Please note that ALL team members must be registering for the same event/course to avail this special offer.
  • Offer only valid for one person per team and not in conjunction with any other offer.

Team formation process:

  • Elect a team captain and have them register for the event. While registering make sure they select ‘Create a team’. They will have to come up with a team name and password. As team captain they will be able to message other team members, post pictures and manage the team members.
  • Once the captain has registered he/she can pass on the team name and password to people wishing to join.
  • New members will choose the ‘Join a team’ option and follow the prompts.
  • Make sure you all register for the same event and request the same start wave time.

How does my team participate in the event? :

Your team will all start the course at the same time and the aim will be to go through the entire course together, encouraging and helping each other along the way. If you are participating in the ‘Extreme Warrior’ course as a team, then your finish time will be recorded when you last team member crosses the finish line.

Don’t forget to ‘ Theme your team ’
for chances to win great prizes on the day!

Click here for corporate bookings and to receive benefits such as

  • Discounted entry for your entire team
  • Private F&B functions available following completion of the course
  • Custom t-shirt design and printing available
  • Preferred starting times
Warrior Training

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