OCR Nation


DWC and the personal trainers from OCR Nation have put together a fantastic program to help ensure you are in the best possible shape for The Big Day. You will do a variety of strength and endurance training all on the amazing venue at The Arch at Dubai Festival City. The class is FREE to all adult registered participants of the upcoming DWC Dubai 2021. 

Class Schedule:

Start Date:         05/03/2021 (every Friday for 4 weeks)
Class Time:         9:00am to 10:00am                           

Registration for Training:

All registered DWC Dubai 2021 participants can register for the free Warrior Training class every Friday as per above schedule. Kindly click on this link to register.


Warrior Training will take place at The Arch at Dubai Festival City.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CHECK OUT: ocrnation.net/dubai-events

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